Passive House for all! SINFONIA at 21st International Passive House Conference

Passive House for all! That was the motto of the 21st International Passive House Conference taking place 28 and 29 April 2017 in Vienna. The International Passive House conference is the year's premium Passive House event, where more than 1000 thought leaders and innovators from around the world gather. It’s all about energy efficient construction, today and in the future. This year’s slogan intend to touch upon the diverse applications that are possible with the Passive House concept.


Insights into SINFONIA project 

Latest results from  SINFONIA were presented to nearly 200 participants in a special session about district renovation at the Passive House conference. Within Sinfonia districts of the two cities Innsbruck (Austria) and Bolzano (Italy) are transformed into highly energy efficient districts. Measures reach from retrofits, installation of renewables, the use of industrial waste heat and implementation of district heating systems to numerous dissemination activities within the cities and to follower cities. Prof. Wolfgang Streicher from the University of Innsbruck presented the project goals as well as a GIS based baseline for the Innsbruck district. Recently finalized retrofit projects were presented by the two housing companies Innsbrucker


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