The City of Borås is the second largest municipality in western Sweden. Borås offers a rich choice of public services, trade and commerce, cultural events, recreation and education, as well as a highly specialised labour market. The City of Borås has around 110 000 inhabitants. In the City of Borås there is a university with 15 000 students providing education in textile and design, library and information, data and businesses as well as several engineering programs. Nature is always nearby in Borås. The city is embraced by parks and green areas, stretching into the built-up areas. The beautiful countryside is always within easy reach, for pleasure and for exercise.


The City of Borås has the ambition to become a leading environmental municipality in Sweden. In that sense, the city intends to be a good example for others and take advantage of networking with other municipalities in and outside Sweden. Since 1990, Borås has already reduced its carbon dioxide emissions from energy use by 40 percent and plans a 60 percent reduction of these emissions by 2020. To continue its efforts beyond 2020, the municipality of Borås has designed an Energy- and Climate strategy integrating a sustainable energy perspective into city planning. You can find out more about this strategy by clicking on this link.


In the municipality there are 5 housing companies covering a total of 747 272 m2 apartments. The housing companies are working with energy efficiency both with renovating and with campaigns to inform tenants. In addition, housing companies have built several houses with low energy use and a low carbon footprint, thus reducing the total energy use from buildings. 



Key targets


  • 60% reduction of CO2 emissions from energy used by 2020
  • Reduction of the climate footprint of buildings through a life-cycle perspective
  • Utilisation of renewable fuels for municipal fleet vehicles
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