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Innsbruck: how to combine 100 individuals’ needs in a successful renovation process
In Innsbruck, energy efficient building renovation is a collective challenge. For the city, educating citizens to understand the benefits of refurbishing their homes is a priority.
New twist in power transformer’s use to heat buildings in Innsbruck
In Innsbruck, the dream of using the excess heat produced by the city’s power transformer became reality in early 2017.
Innsbruck witnesses to its experience in the SINFONIA project
Partners from the pilot city Innsbruck have published an article in a local newspaper on 1 May 2017 to witness to their participation in the SINFONIA project and encourage other cities in Austria and abroad to engage in sustainable and smart urban development.
Innsbruck testing innovative technologies for biomass gasification
Moving one step forward in its transition to become a Smart City, SINFONIA pilot Innsbruck has installed a novel biomass gasification CHP plant in the neighbourhood of the waste water treatment plant.
First renovation completed !
The school “Siegmairschule” completed retrofit works in 2015 developed and commissioned by Innsbrucker Immobilien Gmbh & Co KG, which have resulted in a significant energy efficiency improvement
Retrofitting launched in two more buildings in Innsbruck
The housing companies Innsbrucker Immobilien Gmbh & Co KG and Neue Heimat Tirol have started the retrofitting of two residential buildings, forming part of the SINFONIA project, in Innsbruck. 
Bolzano and Innsbruck: Setting an Example for Smart Cities in the Euregio
At the Klimahouse 2016 national trade show for Energy Efficient and Sustainable Building, the managers of SINFONIA will present the project’s activities to interested representatives from cities in the Euregio. The event will take place at the Bolzano Fiera, 28 January at 9:00am
SINFONIA for pupils – Contribution to the Youth Day of the Young University Innsbruck
On the 6th of November around 300 pupils got in touch with the contents of SINFONIA. During workshops and an ideas competition Tyrolean children and adolescents created ideas on aspects of the Smart City of the future. 
2nd Smart City Dialog held in Innsbruck
The 2nd Smart City Dialog event with Innsbruck's stakeholders took place on the 24.09.2015, with a focus on energy networks.
First progress meeting in Innsbruck
The SINFONIA consortium gathered in Innsbruck on the 25-26 November for its first Progress meeting since the launch of the project 6 months ago. Led by coordinator SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, and hosted by Standortagentur Tirol and the City of Innsbruck, the meeting focused on integration and coordination.
Discover Innsbruck Smart City concept in a video!
The city of Innsbruck has released a video to explain how the city will turn into a Smart City and present the innovative solutions to be developed within the SINFONIA project.
Building integrated solar architecture to drive the future of the photovoltaic industry
In Austria, the SINFONIA partner ATB-Becker is developing various technological solutions to integrate photovoltaic systems in façades architecture.
School students tell us what the smart city of the future looks like at “Young University – day of action” 2017
After the success of the “Young University – day of action” 2015, the University of Innsbruck decided to renew the experience on the 21stof April 2017 with students from the schools refurbished as part of the SINFONIA project.