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WEBINAR | How inter-municipal cooperation on procuring green ICT can combat climate change | 12 June
Don't miss the webinar on green procurement for ICT organised by the Sharing Cities project on 12 June! 
La Rochelle: new training module for energy efficient district heating
On 13 March 2018, the University of La Rochelle opened a five weeks online training module dedicated to the optimisation of boilers’ energy performance.
Bolzano bets on hydrogen-fueled cogeneration to reduce polluting emissions
In Bolzano, experts from Alperia’s Engineering & Consulting decided to test innovative gas blends of hydrogen and natural gas for the combustion process of the city's Combined Heat and Power plant.
DAREED and SINFONIA: the two sides of the energy efficiency coin in Sevilla
On its way to becoming a Smart City, Sevilla has joined forces with other European cities to improve energy efficiency in buildings and increase the share of renewable energy generation in urban areas within two EU-funded projects, DAREED and SINFONIA.
Innsbruck testing innovative technologies for biomass gasification
Moving one step forward in its transition to become a Smart City, SINFONIA pilot Innsbruck has installed a novel biomass gasification CHP plant in the neighbourhood of the waste water treatment plant.
The municipality of Pafos on its way to become a smarter city
In line with its participation in the SINFONIA project, the Pafos municipality has made a significant effort to upgrade existing infrastructure and services while creating new solutions to improve the quality of life of its citizens.
SINFONIA at Conference on Sustainable Renovation Models - Affordable comfort for smarter cities
SINFONIA will participate to the "Conference on Sustainable Renovation Models - Affordable comfort for smarter cities" organised by the city of Aachen on the 22th of April 2016 in the context of the EU-GUGLE project.
SINFONIA is a ‘Case Study of Excellence’ at SMAU
SINFONIA has been selected as a ‘case study of excellence’ by the SMAU Padua Innovation Award 2016.
La Rochelle reports on its progress towards sustainable development
To assess the progress of the city in the development and implementation of its urban strategy, La Rochelle publishes an annual a Sustainable Development report presenting all the measures taken by the municipality in this field.