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Innsbruck: how to combine 100 individuals’ needs in a successful renovation process
In Innsbruck, energy efficient building renovation is a collective challenge. For the city, educating citizens to understand the benefits of refurbishing their homes is a priority.
Bolzano: an apartment on display to show the benefits of energy recovery
At the IPES construction site in Via Cagliari, in one of the buildings being refurbished in the framework of the SINFONIA project, Eurac researchers have set up the temporary exhibition in a renovated apartment.
Challenges and solutions for social housing refurbishment in Aachen
Since 2010, the northern district of Aachen is engaged in a vast urban renewal programme aiming to improve the citizens’ quality of life and make the district a vibrant and sustainable place to live.
Register for the “Smart eco-buildings and social housing: from design to reality” workshop!
On 27 April 2017, one day ahead of the International Passive House Conference, SINFONIA and SMARTER TOGETHER project partners will participate in a worshop organised by the EU-GUGLE smart city initiative in Vienna to share results and experiences on smart and sustainable refurbishment solutions for social housing apartment buildings.
The keys of success for Smart City projects
Smart city projects are crucial to the transition towards a low carbon economy in Europe. In that sense, it is of importance to identify the factors of their success as well as their weaknesses to improve the conditions of their implementation and guarantee more efficient results.
Second round of tenant meetings in Bolzano
Between the 8thand 10thof March last month, a second round of meetings with tenants was held in Bolzano. Participants were informed of the status of the different energy improvement projects.
First two local stakeholder meetings held in Bolzano
The first two local stakeholder meetings took place in Bolzano in October and November 2015, wherby internal partners of the Sinfonia project presented specific contributions about the general contents of the project and/or their specific role in it to local stakeholders.
SINFONIA for pupils – Contribution to the Youth Day of the Young University Innsbruck
On the 6th of November around 300 pupils got in touch with the contents of SINFONIA. During workshops and an ideas competition Tyrolean children and adolescents created ideas on aspects of the Smart City of the future. 
2nd Smart City Dialog held in Innsbruck
The 2nd Smart City Dialog event with Innsbruck's stakeholders took place on the 24.09.2015, with a focus on energy networks.
School students tell us what the smart city of the future looks like at “Young University – day of action” 2017
After the success of the “Young University – day of action” 2015, the University of Innsbruck decided to renew the experience on the 21stof April 2017 with students from the schools refurbished as part of the SINFONIA project.