SINFONIA for pupils – Contribution to the Youth Day of the Young University Innsbruck

On the 6th of November around 300 pupils got in touch with the contents of SINFONIA. During workshops and an ideas competition Tyrolean children and adolescents created ideas on aspects of the Smart City of the future.

Local SINFONIA partners organized a program for pupils of the three Tyrolean schools that will be refurbished within the scope of SINFONIA. The contents of SINFONIA were presented in five different workshops, dealing with climate change, infrared camera, energy consumption, building insulation and an ice-melting contest. Pupils became “little experts” in energy-oriented refurbishments to understand the prospective building refurbishment measurements in their schools.

The workshops were accompanied by an ideas competition "My vision of the smart city of tomorrow". Pupils could describe their ideas or express them in a creative way by drawing pictures. More than 150 ideas have been submitted, including aspects of energy supply and mobility in the future.

The award ceremony will take place on the 10th of December, where the vice-mayor of Innsbruck will honor the best ideas chosen by a jury with prices.