Refurbishment in Bolzano, the Klimahouse Prespective

Social housing in Bolzano is becoming smarter. At a building site in Via Brescia/Cagliari, IPES is carrying out a very extensive energy refurbishment that involves almost all the architectural elements of the building, from the roof to the boiler room, passing through the façade, staircase areas, balconies, windows and various other systems. Thanks to this work, the 220 kilowatt-hours-per-square-metre (kWh/m2) energy consumption that certified for the average building will be drastically lowered and, with optimum use of technology, could drop to as low as 48 kWh/m2. Other construction sites have been initiated by the Municipality of Bolzano in the Aslago district. The most innovative of these is in Via Passeggiata dei Castani, where the restoration involves 72 apartments, for a total of over 7,000m2. In this case, the interventions include the installation of prefabricated façades for the external envelope and the use of geothermal energy and heat pumps for space heating. Its current annual certified consumption of 236 kWh/m2 could drop to 22 at this site.

All this is part of SINFONIA, a major project that aims to redevelop selected areas of Bolzano and Innsbruck to become smart cities, involving work on mobility, district heating and the refurbishment of social housing. In the latter case, the project has been in full swing for some months now.

These and other innovative building renovation projects are presented by researchers, planners and managers on 25 January 2018 at the conference "Inside the Renovation | The future of energy Requalification is Here: Deep and Renewable Renovation in Bolzano", which take place during  Klimahouse, the national trade fair on efficient building in Bolzano, from 24 to 27 January 2018.

At the beginning of the conference, a general overview of the project and its meaning is drawn up at the round table "Risanare oggi tra sogno e realtà" (Rehabilitation today between dream and reality). Among the speakers are researcher Daniele Vettorato, Martina Demattio from the Agenzia Casaclima, Gianfranco Minotti of IPES and Mr. Gianfranco Minotti, Emanuele Sascor from the Municipality of Bolzano, and moderator Wolfram Sparber, Director of the Institute for Renewable Energy at Eurac Research.