Planning Europe’s transition towards sustainable urban areas

Copyright: EURAC Research


Following the second edition of the “Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions” international conference held between 22 and 24 March 2017 in Bolzano (Italy), a book comprising a selection of the top contributions presented during the event has been released by EURAC experts, Sinfonia project partners and organisers of the conference.


The book features fourty six papers discussing solutions to transform European cities into sustainable urban areas. Among these solutions, two chapters of the book in particular present some of the outcomes of the Sinfonia project.


The first of these papers, entitled “Europe’s building stock and its energy demand: a comparison between Austria and Italy” (pp. 35-47), and produced by EURAC researchers Simon Pezzutto, Franziska Haas, Dagmar Exner and Stefano Zambotti, investigates the lack of information related to Austrian and Italian building stock’s energy demand and consumption and offers a classification process to bridge this gap and range buildings’ energy demand according to their construction period. 


In the second chapter, “Social acceptance of energy retrofit in social housing: beyond the technological viewpoint” (pp. 167-177), Jessica Balest from EURAC Research presents the outcomes of the surveys and studies carried out in the social housing buildings that are currently being retrofitted in Sinfonia pilot city Bolzano. In that framework, experts analysed social factors influencing the success of energy efficient renovation projects in socially vulnerable neighbourhoods, and proposed solutions to adapt smart-energy meters design to tenants’ characteristics, while developing tailor-made participatory and learning activities to maximise energy savings through behavioural change.


Contributions from policy makers, researchers and consultants in this book cover six main topics, including Information and Communication Technologies, public spaces and society, next economy for the city, strategies and actions for good governance, urban-rural innovation and rethinking mobility.


The book “Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions – Results of SSPCR 2017”, was published by EURAC experts Adriano Bisello, Daniele Vettorato, Pierre Laconte and Simona Costa. For more information, you can read the abstract and purchase the book by following this link: