First renovation completed !

The school “Siegmairschule” completed retrofit works in 2015 developed and commissioned by Innsbrucker Immobilien Gmbh & Co KG, which have resulted in a significant energy efficiency improvement. Measures included the replacement of existing lights with new LED lamps, and the installation of roof and wall insulation, as well as efficient triple glazed windows. The building users and civil servants in charge will be informed about the impact by an accompanying programme of energy consumption monitoring.

Since the works were completed the school has run an event programme for sustainability, in November 2015, involving pupils aged seven to nine. This “kid day”, which the SINFONIA team in Innsbruck has been fully involved with, has made pupils and indirectly their parents more aware about sustainable energy solutions. Further events are foreseen and will be announced in due time.

The refurbished school serves as a model for other school building upgrades in Innsbruck and abroad.