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Refurbishment in Bolzano, the Klimahouse Prespective
Social housing in Bolzano is becoming smarter. At a building site in Via Brescia/Cagliari, IPES is carrying out a very extensive energy refurbishment that involves almost all the architectural elements of the building, from the roof to the boiler room, passing through the façade, staircase areas, balconies, windows and various other systems. Read more! 
Fahrradparkhaus beim Rosenheimer Bahnhof in der Planungsphase
Im Rahmen der Neugestaltung des Bahngeländes Nord in Rosenheim wird im Bereich östlich des Südtiroler Platzes ein Fahrradparkhaus entstehen.
Innsbruck: how to combine 100 individuals’ needs in a successful renovation process
In Innsbruck, energy efficient building renovation is a collective challenge. For the city, educating citizens to understand the benefits of refurbishing their homes is a priority.
Bolzano: an apartment on display to show the benefits of energy recovery
At the IPES construction site in Via Cagliari, in one of the buildings being refurbished in the framework of the SINFONIA project, Eurac researchers have set up the temporary exhibition in a renovated apartment.
Bolzano bets on hydrogen-fueled cogeneration to reduce polluting emissions
In Bolzano, experts from Alperia’s Engineering & Consulting decided to test innovative gas blends of hydrogen and natural gas for the combustion process of the city's Combined Heat and Power plant.
Rosenheim: e-Car-Sharing im Neubaugebiet „Am Mitterfeld“
Um die Anzahl der Fahrzeuge – insbesondere der Zweitwagen – zu reduzieren, setzt der Rosenheimer Bauträger P+S baupartner bei einem Neubaugebiet im Norden von Rosenheim erstmals auf ein e-Car-Sharing-Modell.